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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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(Interesting music...I particularly like hearing what different cultures consider the best way to sing--SO many different ways to use the voice, from what we hear in the West!)
I took me quite a while to find that Hindi song. I wanted something with that thin, "funny" voice - it's quite common for women to sing like that in Bollywood movies - but seems like I had a bad luck on You Tube and was finding only "normal" voice songs.

Wait until I get to the chapter where they listen to Karama's favourite music I already know how I imagine Cardassian music and which Earth music is the closest thing to it
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I don't like how Kapoor's superior says that the Cardassians are "not ready to be part of the Alpha Quadrant" based on an incident that Gul Jarol disciplined Karama for.
To be honest I am not so sure Ullmann included in her report that Karama had been disciplined for that. I don't think she would lie, but she might have omitted a few "details"; not even out of malice, but of being hurt and scared. She wanted to make sure everyone knew how bad that assignment was for her.
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Did Kapoor explain in her report that Karama was sorry? And WHY he regretted his actions? I know that would be some very personal information to disclose--but if it were done with permission...who knows, maybe it would make the point that this is a PERSON and not a monster.
I think she wrote as much as she could without going into too personal matters. I'm sure she tried to present the event from a neutral perspective and that would also include his side of the story and his reaction after the incident. While she wouldn't try to make his actions appear less hideous, she would try to present him truthfully - a man with a conscience and regrets, although not perfect.
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Oh, and just you know at what point in the story you envision "The Lightless Ends of the World" taking place? Obviously Kapoor AND Karama wouldn't know anything about it...just curious for my own interest.
I think it was a little bit later. Maybe a few weeks; enough for them to trust her to consider her for the project, but not enough to decide to include her in the end.
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