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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

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It really seems like the writers have completely forgotten about the guy Dexter killed in the bathroom in the first episode of this season. It's a really annoying dangling plot thread, and I'll probably bring it up until the finale.

Still, this most recent episode (in the Dexter scenes) was wrought with tension, something I haven't felt in any other episode this year. Yes, Masuka's explanation for the murder was ridiculous and unbelievable...but it was also hilarious. Does that justify giving Dexter such an easy out? Probably not, but it works in the moment.
Yeah, at least it was funny as hell. It made little sense but the hilarity of it kind of saved it from it's own stupidity.

And, God, I hope that was the end of the Angel/LaGuerta relationship nonsense.
I hope so as it's painful to watch...I think I'd rather have a root canal...or hear nails on a chalkboard...
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