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Re: Costumes, Anybody?

I am sincerely jealous that I did not think of dressing up as Vincent Van Gogh for Halloween. Very big props to the gentleman up there

Anyway, here's my photo. Fun fact: I don't personally know the person on the right! In Chicago I was watching a Halloween parade and she was marching in it. We're essentially two different people with the same costume on, in a city that doesn't quite know the source material. So of course, when I saw her marching down the parade, I had to signal her with my sonic screwdriver, and she did the same. She took our photo and was off again, before I could ask her her name. Also, the little green light under my face is my own sonic screwdriver -- I wish I had held it higher.

The kicker: Thanks to facebook, a mutual friend recognized me in her album. Small universe, eh? I found out her name, and her costume is great (though I may be biased).

My full costume will come later. Prepare for a whole lotta face!

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