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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

The ready room is practically finished. I've updated our website with this page detailing the decoration of the set: We still have to add a couple of things and reframe the "space window."

Bill Walker is hard at work on "Care for a Lift?" and is apparently halfway through the initial edit. Bill is completely responsible for this vignette. He's also working on an engineering mini-set for the chief engineer (who is played by Bill) and trying to obtain one of the anti-rad engineering suits.

Obtaining new cast for "The Void" as needed. Interested parties in Southwest Georgia should contact us. We have a few openings due to one of our cast getting married and moving to New York, and a couple of others have scheduling conflicts.

Thanks to LCARS 24 (and DEIF) for the MSD for the ready room. Still looking for a food servitor graphic. Any suggestions would be welcome!
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