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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

(Interesting music...I particularly like hearing what different cultures consider the best way to sing--SO many different ways to use the voice, from what we hear in the West!)

I don't like how Kapoor's superior says that the Cardassians are "not ready to be part of the Alpha Quadrant" based on an incident that Gul Jarol disciplined Karama for. Even IF Karama hadn't been a nice guy, the fact that Jarol was so harsh on Karama should've made the point. But, I can see where they would expect sexual harassment to be a regular phenomenon given that the Cardassian track record has NOT been good. So I can see why, from their perspective, they need much harder evidence that the Cardassians no longer find such things acceptable.

Did Kapoor explain in her report that Karama was sorry? And WHY he regretted his actions? I know that would be some very personal information to disclose--but if it were done with permission...who knows, maybe it would make the point that this is a PERSON and not a monster.

Oh, and just you know at what point in the story you envision "The Lightless Ends of the World" taking place? Obviously Kapoor AND Karama wouldn't know anything about it...just curious for my own interest.
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