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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

Cutter John wrote: View Post
I rarely leave the Doctor Who forum anymore, but jeez, does every new show get nit-picked this hard around here?
I would hope so. It would be pretty boring otherwise.

J.T.B. wrote: View Post
I'm assuming if the power grid is down the cell towers aren't working, and the survivor guy said that broadcasting had stopped at some point, so I guess two-way radio was the best option. Plus it is more likely to be monitored by "authorites," if any still exist.
But earlier, in the hospital, he tried the landline, but didn't go rifling through coats or pocketbooks for a cell phone. It seemed odd to me.

Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
The internet and cell phones don't work that well when there's no power.
True, but there was a generator at the police station. I would have at least tried the Internet.

Agent Richard07 wrote: View Post
That bothered me too. I was hoping that he'd ask more questions so that we could at least get one man's take on what happened.
I suppose you could say he was in shock, but you'd think the other guy would want to talk....

the G-man wrote: View Post
I'm not sure that an audience that expects happy endings is ready for five or more seasons of a story that makes Cormac McCarthy's 'the Road' look like an episode of the Courtship of Eddie's Father.
Nothing could be more unrelentingly grim than The Road.
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