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For now though, I'm focusing on my Nether realm. I now have two functioning portals, one at my base and another in a snow biome. I'm going to try to build a safe tunnel between them, but I currently have no idea where they are in relation to one another. Plus, one of them is out in the open with several Ghasts overhead.
Yeah, I'mma stay out of my basement too, I think. The Nether seems pretty cool. Are you going to build in the Nether realm itself, too? Apparently blocks like lightstone don't stick around when taken out to the normal world.

Maybe you could do a really tall 1x1 tower at one of the portals and light it to see where it's at?

Also, Painterly Pack updated all their stuff for the update - they even have a biome-compliant grass option! Although you guys probably knew that already
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