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Re: SigCat/Shaping a Cardassian: "The Lightless Ends of the World"

I often have difficulty expressing myself in these posts, so sometimes I wish I could just talk to both of you, rather than muddling my way through words like I do. Suffice it to say, I really enjoyed this. It was very well meshed - the two of you really work well together. Thematically, emotionally, etc, it made good use of both "sides" rather than just being a crossover "gimmick" (not that I'd expect either of you to do something as cheap as to labelled a "gimmick" ) I always suppose must be difficult to create meaningful crossovers, particularly when they necessitate an "only remembered as a dream/vision" ending for one of the two participants. This really pulls it off, though - it uses the idea of the crossover to explore the characters' concerns and "present" internal conflicts, using the "other side" to shed new light on each. It's a character piece and a piece concerned with exploring the thematic situations those characters are dealing with or living in, rather than an !Event! (which would, I think, be a far cheaper way of handling a crossover). You both of course have a real way with character, and of handling a lot of meaningful "weighty" concerns, without it ever seeming forced. It's all very natural.

I don't really know what else to say . I hope that's enough. It's one thing to say "I like it!", but I only hope I'm getting at least a fraction of the "why" across.
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