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Re: Alien Anthology (Blu-Ray release) review thread

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Just watched the uncut version of the Alien 3 documentary and I found it... unremarkable. I mean, the documentary is good, it gives an honest and candid portrayal of the difficulties making the film, but the restored footage is basically Fincher cursing FOX on camera.
Are the documentaries on the new set any different to the ones on the quad set?
The original documentaries are included but there's lots of new stuff as well. linky

As you all know, there is MUCH new content here as well, created or upgraded specifically for Blu-ray. First of all, there are the new isolated score tracks for each film. Next, in the Quadrilogy set, about 100 of director Ridley Scott's original Ridleygram sketches were inaccessible due to an authoring error. They're ALL now available here. And in fact, the Ridleygrams - and indeed ALL of the artwork, photographs, sketches and other material from the Quad - are upgraded here to full high-def, so you're going to get a better look at them than ever before. As many of you know, the original Alien³ documentary from the Quad set, Wreckage and Rage, was censored by Fox back in 2003, with some 21 minutes cut prior to release - footage detailing director David Fincher's struggles and frustrations on the set. You'll be pleased to know that ALL of that lost footage been restored, making this the most complete version of the documentary to date. On top of that, each of the four feature-length, "making of" documentaries from the Quad set have been enhanced with scores of additional Enhancement Pod featurettes - nearly 4 hours' worth of material over the whole set. This includes great interview stories and anecdotes by cast and crew members, unused outtake footage and more. There's a piece on the influence of Jodorowsky's aborted Dune project on the Alien films, a piece in which Giger describes his philosophy, a piece in which actor Jon Finch talks about how he was originally cast as Kane but couldn't play the part - just great stuff.
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