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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

I agree with most of what Harvey just said. There were a few too many conveniences this episode, and some writing choices I wouldn't have made, but the episode was still put together well and certainly the most intense of the season.

I really hoped the dentist guy wouldn't turn out to be one of the rapists, and would lead to Lumen going on an increasingly insane and random killing spree, thinking every man who looks at her was one of her attackers, while Dexter has to try to keep her in control and clean up after her. Meanwhile, crime scenes and homicide calls keep stacking up, keeping the cops on their trail until eventually they can't get away in time, Deb finds Dexter helping Lumen, shit hits the fan. No more last second, nick-of-time lucky escapes please - they're too contrived.

Still a good ep overall, and I'm still enjoying this season more than season 3. And I still think the Batista/LaGuerta stuff is at least being handled a lot better/more interestingly than last year. It doesn't feel quite as much like a waste of 7-8 minutes each episode.
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