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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

I have a basic familiarity with the zombie genre, but it usually doesn't do much for me. I thought the premiere episode was OK, not great, but "establishing" pieces can have disadvantages. There were some things that didn't make a lot of sense, I wasn't crazy about some of the performances, and I wasn't impressed with the police work at the beginning (What was going to happen to the pursuing cop cars when they hit the spike strip? How did they allow another occupant to crawl out and shoot someone?!) But for the most part the look and tone worked and I will be watching future episodes and hoping for improvements. I thought the effect on the deputy of his .357 going off inside the tank was a nice touch, that kind of thing is so often overlooked.

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My only nitpicks were that he didn't seem to ask a lot of questions about the situation when he met other survivor guy. I'd be looking for details. The other weird thing was that there were no signs of the Internet or cell phones. Using the CB but not looking for a working cell phone or trying the Internet at the police station made it seem like this was set sometime in the past. Although they didn't seem to try regular radio or TV either.
I'm assuming if the power grid is down the cell towers aren't working, and the survivor guy said that broadcasting had stopped at some point, so I guess two-way radio was the best option. Plus it is more likely to be monitored by "authorites," if any still exist.

The show was definitely set close to present-day, there was a 2009 or '10 Ford Fusion on the road. I wondered about the date myself in the first scenes when I saw the deputy was wearing a six-shooter. You don't see too many of those as duty sidearms these days. Was that to heighten the tension as the zombies close in and he's down to his last shot? The way he eyed the Beretta magazine made me think he may want to switch weapons.

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