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Re: SigCat/Shaping a Cardassian: "The Lightless Ends of the World"

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He came across as enthuiastic, forwardthinking, young and probbaly more the reckless kind of guy. I find it fitting for that universe. In Canon he is more pessimistic, but the AU Damar fits the AU Dukat well.
I figured that even though he's probably seen a lot of tough things, living on an invaded Cardassia, that he might have more inner peace. He doesn't spend all his time being verbally beaten down by his commanding officer or by some Vorta. And he also has a better influence from at least one of his friends and mentors. Finally, from what I gathered as I wrote him, he is probably an Oralian, which I expect affects his outlook on life as well.

The sign language I find an interessting aspect and a very helpful thing.
Thanks. I thought that a species whose hearing isn't as strong as a human's might have a different place in its culture for sign language, and it would be more widely known by hearing people as well as those who are deaf. (In my version of the canon universe, though, the Cardassians hide it from other species.)

Am certainly interessted to read more about AU Dukat and AU Damar.
I hope you will enjoy their stories. Just be aware, even though some characters won't live to see their Cardassia freed, and even though I haven't written it yet, I know it will happen.
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