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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

It really seems like the writers have completely forgotten about the guy Dexter killed in the bathroom in the first episode of this season. It's a really annoying dangling plot thread, and I'll probably bring it up until the finale.

Still, this most recent episode (in the Dexter scenes) was wrought with tension, something I haven't felt in any other episode this year. Yes, Masuka's explanation for the murder was ridiculous and unbelievable...but it was also hilarious. Does that justify giving Dexter such an easy out? Probably not, but it works in the moment.

I'm less pleased that the guy Lumen abducted revealed himself so easily as being one of the rapists (he doesn't call the police, he calls one of his rapist friends, and he doesn't call for help, but he calls to warn his rapist friend that he's been discovered--all on Lumen's phone while she is barely in the next room!). Talk about a plot device.

It seems like Julia Stiles' out this season is the fact that her character is completely unstable, which isn't terribly interesting.

I also stand by my prediction that the finale will end with Debra finding out Dexter's secret, and having to kill Quinn over it. It sure seems like they're headed towards a triangle that won't have a happy ending. Where Peter Weller fits into this I have no idea. His acting is still far too over-the-top for this show.

And, God, I hope that was the end of the Angel/LaGuerta relationship nonsense.
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