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Re: Castle: Season 3 (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) - Discussion & Spoi

An okay episode, but I didn't like the way the climactic scene was set up by something Ryan & Esposito found out off-camera. Sure, the person their evidence pointed to wasn't the actual killer, but we were supposed to think it was, so setting up the scene in such a weak way, just a piece of information out of the blue rather than a clever moment of deduction by our protagonists, was a major structural flaw. It gave away to me that the suspect it pointed to couldn't be the actual killer, because the reveal of the killer would never be so lame and offhand. So I deduced who the real killer was based simply on my understanding of the technique of story construction, rather than on anything from within the story. And that's disappointing.

Another story-construction clue: as soon as they showed that video of the victim playing a wanted biker in that America's Most Wanted pastiche, I knew the biker would turn out to be a suspect. Basic Chekhov's Gun there. They wouldn't have shown it if it weren't going to figure in the story. Though it turned out to be just another red herring.

Darn, Alexis is back to the straight-bangs look. Bring back Alexis's forehead! At least the bangs kinda worked with her Grease costume.
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