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Re: funding for manned Mission to Mars [financial/political ONLY]

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'm not flippant at all. I've given thousands of dollars a year to charities, been a member of a half-dozen or so helping organizations, and worked in inner-city health care and non-profit health insurance for several decades-- probably longer than you've been alive.
Then I admire your charity, but it doesn't mean that a reasonable interpretation of your remarks couldn't detect more than a trace of flippancy.

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A fraction of the money spent on a single shuttle launch could save the lives of dozens of children from death by starvation.
Of course, that assumes that any money not spent on launch will be spent on the cause you just mention.
I never said it did, but I'll play regardless. Congress funds NASA, and it also allocates foreign aid. I therefore don't think it at all unreasonable to point out that that money could go to saving starving children instead of buying Boeing execs new hot tubs in their fourth homes.

And I don't buy the argument that not going to Mars in the next century or so diminishes our humanity - it's a big red rock, not much more interesting than the Moon. The persistent lingering of wars and famine, on the other hand, unquestionably does.
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