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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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Seems you were hoping for action over plot, no thanks.
Oh this tired old refrain again I see....You know where I criticize a show and the retort is that I must not have liked it because it didn't have any action or not enough VFX or whatever. No, I actually prefer character-drama with a nice bit of plot--I certainly don't need action in my entertainment--quite the opposite.

Most shows or films these days are nothing more than an overdose of action, VFX sequence with no story or characters to connect with--that *is* why I am so down on most series/films. And while I've long lamented the ridiculously fast pacing of tv shows and films where everything is a blur I also don't want the pacing to be as slow as molasses either.

But at the same time just because there is no action or plot and you have pretty much nothing but two actors on screen sharing dialog also doesn't make great tv either if it isn't compelling--a lesson Caprica, Rubicon etc didn't learn.

I'm sorry but I found none of the characters the least bit interesting and with very little entertaining plot to compensate for that the show already lost me. I need to connect with the characters and without that I'm not interested. And it also didn't help that this show didn't exactly tread any fresh ground--all of this is pretty standard zombie/apocalyptic fare.
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