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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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Personally, I'd put the escape pods behind panels. The Defiant pretty much proved that it looks cool in action. And it's slicker.I'd reccomend a "minivan-style" panel that pops out slightly and slides back, or a hinged panel. I think while blow-aways are cool, they pose a potential hazard to escaping pods.
Yeah, but when do you use escape pods? When the ship's systems are failing and the ship has been battered. A complex cover mechanism might jam if there has been a battle. Why not just use a thin paper-like plastic or ceramic that looks nice but lets ejecting escape pods punch through without impediment?


Vektor, there's something about this texturing that I don't like. Maybe it's the way the panels appear to radiate outwards from the center, it just makes the ship look a lot smaller and toy-like. Is it my imagination that the panels look smaller the closer they get to the bridge? I think each of the modeled segments on the saucer needs a unique texture with slight "weather" streaking running from stem to stern to unify the overall look.
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