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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

I liked the show and will be sticking with it.

But nitpicking is fun so lets do that!

My first would be that our hero decides to carry something like five shotguns with him. Really? Shotguns are one of the most reliable types of weapon but they are heavy. Why carry so many weapons instead of more ammunition? I carried one weapon at a time in Iraq, but you better believe that weapon was clean, functional and had a whole lot of bullets.

Next, the tank was clearly a mock-up, it did a poor job of looking like an Abrams, and the inside was entirely too spacious. They also do not have escape hatches on the bottom since that would make it more vulnerable to mines.

Finally, will the survivors be smart enough to use suppressed and silenced weapons later on in the series? Heck, even bows and crossbows would work. And there are all shorts of make-shift silencers that could work, a potato strapped or duct-taped to the muzzle of a weapon can be an effective one shot silencer.

But again, that is part of the fun of survival type shows, thinking what you would do in the place of the heroes.
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