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Re: SigCat/Shaping a Cardassian: "The Lightless Ends of the World"

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That Dukat is truly more likeable then ours.
I'm glad you like him. He actually likes to be liked almost as much as Gul Dukat does. The difference is, he takes responsibility for his own that makes him worry about offending people and care very much about their feelings. (Whereas for Gul Dukat, he just assumed that if you didn't like him, it's because you couldn't see HIS greatness.)

What I had to laugh about, was that "Good Morning ..." *L*...that came across kind of...uhm..cute.
LOL, well, he was stuck...he wished he knew what the proper military protocol was, but since he didn't, he tried to go for the most inoffensive thing he could think of. It made me laugh too. But he really is very softspoken, so something understated like that seemed fitting.

The best of course... a bit Damar aound I dont care if its canon or AU Damars, as long as he pops up now and then. Though it would have been also interessting when AU Damar would have accompanied Dukat. But than ok, that would maybe have been to much and might just be my egoistical desire to get more Damar to wish both of them had fallen into SAC-Universe. *g*
I'm glad you liked AU Damar! Since you're the Damar expert and this is the first time I've ever given him any dialogue (I almost said "speaking role," but it didn't quite fit ), would you say that even though he was communicating by sign language, that he "sounded" like himself? I had some ideas, but I'd really like to know how that worked out so I know if I should keep going in that direction if I use him again.
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