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Re: SigCat/Shaping a Cardassian: "The Lightless Ends of the World"

Certainly and interessting cross-over. That Dukat is truly more likeable then ours. I think Jarol must be even more loyal to Dukat than Damar, tsss! I imagine Brenok must sometimes though those two crazy with their loyalty to such a man.

What I had to laugh about, was that "Good Morning ..." *L*...that came across kind of...uhm..cute.
Though I felt sorry for Jarol having such a rough night. There is still a lot sadness inside her, but that is to understand and I guess will never go away, after all it was her family.

The best of course... a bit Damar aound I dont care if its canon or AU Damars, as long as he pops up now and then. Though it would have been also interessting when AU Damar would have accompanied Dukat. But than ok, that would maybe have been to much and might just be my egoistical desire to get more Damar to wish both of them had fallen into SAC-Universe. *g*

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