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Re: funding for manned Mission to Mars [financial/political ONLY]

I thin k going to Mars would be fine for exploration, but if they do find resources there of any kind, I don't think any one country should be able to claim it. I think going to Mars should be an international effort or we will just end up warring over the resources there. A project like that could be a test or a new way forward where we are forced to work together because our very survival depends on it. In order to go to Mars though, there has to be a Moon base, which again would require cooperation from other countries. No one country owns the Moon. Waiting for political climates to calm or getting things on the right track is not the answer either. Sometimes you just have to forge a path through the muck and mess regardless of what stands in your way. If we wait for the fracking stars to align, we'll be waiting forever. This just may be what humanity needs in order to move forward, from my stand point it looks like currently we are in gridlock anyway, so why not try something new and exiting. I wouldn't count humanity out just yet.
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