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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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As a viewer, I just found it awkward. It made it look like he was apologizing to his wife for going in the hatch. I may have blinked and missed the part where he noticed the hatch, because to me it looked like going inside was his plan all along.
He notices the hatch as he's looking up, preparing to shoot himself, then immediately (Rick was damned quick!) moves up into the tank. It was a little jarring just how quickly he responded to its presence once he saw it, but I guess the rush of adrenaline from being surrounded by a horde of zombies would do that to you.

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Maybe I should go buy a few of the graphic series books for my daughter's Christmas present.. Yeah yeah.. for my daughter.. That's it..
Whomever you buy them for , I think it's definitely a worthy investment. There are a few different collection options. First is the trade paperback collections, which contain 6 issues each (13 volumes so far); second is the hardcover collections, with 12 issues each (6 volumes so far, plus one dedicated to the covers of each issue); third is a hardcover omnibus edition, with 24 issues each (3 volumes so far); last is a compendium edition, with 48 issues. The first three options all currently contain up to issue #72. Issue #79 will be released November 24. I can even recommend a website,, where hardcover book one is $21.69 compared to Amazon's $27.99 (disclosure: I know people who work at their physical location).

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Hopefully soon. I had read rumors that they had already picked it uo for a season 2, but AMC says they haven't. I also read in the local paper that there are only 6 episodes for this "season" [...]
Yeah, 6 episodes this season. Frank Darabont has apparently claimed that AMC renewed the show with filming of season 2 to start in February but AMC has denied that. Producer Gale Ann Hurd also apparently stated that each season after season one would be 13 episodes long, which was included in the AMC denial but would certainly make sense.
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