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OMG yes a Minecraft thread!

I love this game as if it was my own child. I am, however, worried to open it after the Halloween update - most of my base is underground and I hear tell that mobs spawn underground, even in lighted areas :\ Will placing a torch every five blocks really work? It wouldn't be so bad if my quarry/base wasn't pretty much the same thing.

My fault for building underground, I suppose, but I'm still a bit disappointed.
I've read stories on the forum that mobs can spawn near bedrock level even if there's torches on every wall, but I haven't ventured down into my mine or Hades Station since the update so I have no experience with it. Notch has said that the new system needs better balancing, so I'm hoping that the patches make it possible for me to venture back down my well-lit mining shaft without fearing a Creeper sneaking up behind me.

For now though, I'm focusing on my Nether realm. I now have two functioning portals, one at my base and another in a snow biome. I'm going to try to build a safe tunnel between them, but I currently have no idea where they are in relation to one another. Plus, one of them is out in the open with several Ghasts overhead.

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I fell from a mountain and lost all my stuff..
I fell down my mineshaft the other day, from 30m above sea level all the way down to bedrock. Luckily, I was able to make it back in time to collect my items.
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