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Re: funding for manned Mission to Mars [financial/political ONLY]

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A fraction of the money spent on a single shuttle launch could save the lives of dozens of children from death by starvation.
Of course, that assumes that any money not spent on launch will be spent on the cause you just mention.
No s***. I was merely pointing out the vacuousness and odiousness of the idea that solving problems here on Earth means "never doing anything."

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A fraction of the money spent on DVDs, potato chips and electric lights could save the lives of children and so on. Perhaps we should all eat porridge and sit quietly in the dark until the world is perfect.
You might be a bit less flippant if it were your family starving to death, and flies swarming your eyeballs.

There are many economies we first-worlders can and should make in terms of eradicating global poverty and misery. But setting aside plans for a manned Mars mission is an excellent place to start.
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