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Re: Alien Anthology (Blu-Ray release) review thread

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I almost bought it today, but I didn't realize it was so expensive! I'm not paying $100 for 4 movies. I don't care how pretty they are.
There's also 50+ hours of extras. Not that I'd actually watch all 50 hours, but I would definitely watch the documentaries about the making of each movie.
See, extra features have never been a selling point for me. I almost never watch them.

I honestly think I might wait 10 years or so when they come out with the super ultimate Alien and Predator box set that contain every single movie for both franchises. It's bound to happen sooner or later.
They did release that box set, although it lacked the vast majority of the special features so was a pointless release for hardcore fans.

As much as I love the first Predator Movie, that franchise can't compete at all with Alien.

I haven't gone Blu yet, but All the talk this week made me revisit a few of the films on my Quad set.
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