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Re: Alien Anthology (Blu-Ray release) review thread

^ Agree. Finally picked it up this weekend and Aliens looks really great.

I guess we all know this already but Alien and Aliens both have some remarkable F/X for their period. This is especially noticeable now on the Blu-ray and on the larger TV I have nowadays. I'm not sure how Cameron pulled off some of the creature sequences he did back then without CG. I guess I'll find out on the making-of.

Something I picked up on this time that I had never noticed before- and maybe I'm just crazy- but do you think that the sort-of odd way that Ripley is cupping one of her hands towards her face here in the final shot of Alien (link) is a visual callback to the facehugger? Certainly seemed that way to me on this watch-through. There's another shot from directly above the hypersleep chamber where it's more noticeable but I couldn't find it on the intertubes.
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