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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

Well that was great! Looks like I finally have an American show to look forward to again (at least for five more weeks).

I could deal with the legless zombie woman. But her growl just creeped me the hell out and made it hard to rewatch that scene.

I'd like to give the writers props for at least making some attempt at realism.

* Getting shot, even if you're wearing a bulletproof vest, still hurts enough to disable you temporarily.

* Heads are tougher than melons. It'll take several good hits before you do any damage.

* Firing a pistol in an enclosed space is a BAD thing.

Okay, maybe I've been playing too many video games, but did anyone else notice the barely audible XBox 'Achievement Unlocked' sound right after our hero head shots the deputy through the fence?

As for how he survived in the hospital, its entirely possible some brave nurse stayed behind as long as they could to care for the coma patients, and finally had to bug out (the eaten corpse in the hallway maybe?). Someone obviously shut his door and pushed a gurney up against it.

The stopped clock: I figured the hospital was on emergency backup generators and they hadn't bothered hooking the wall clocks up to it.

And I guess the producers didn't have the budget for Black hawks.

Oh and btw, for the person who complained about the hatch under the Abrams, that was actually a British Chieftain tank.

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I agree. That along with the little girl picking up the teddy bear makes me think these zombies still have a shred of intelligence or some familiarity with what they used to know.
A tip-o-the-hat to the classic Romero zombies?
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