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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

The hospital scene did remind me of 28 Days Later, but the overall tone of the show was considerably different. Someone said that The Walking Dead doesn't do anything different than most zombie movies, but I have to disagree: I felt like it had a lot of emotionality that I found lacking in some zombie films like the original Dawn of the Dead (and funnily enough, the remake - which I prefer- came on before the pilot did).

The scene where Lennie James' character tries to kill his wife but cannot juxtaposed against Rick finding the amputee zombie was really emotionally affecting- I think unlike a lot of zombie films you actually felt sympathetic toward these zombies and you get the sense that this was something that happened to them. It was moving and I think the investment in these characters over a course of time is going to make this show really special and unique compared to most zombie stories.
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