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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

It is a bit scary that this game keeps track of the total number of tracks you have: I've cleared 350! I remember when GHI had 30 main tracks and 20 bonus tracks.

Pro Drums is a lot of fun. Have the extra cymbals makes the drum fills so much better.

I failed exactly where I thought I would in "Free Bird": where there is a constantly snare roll and then crashes are being added on that. I've almost got it down.

I almost sight read "I Can See For Miles" on Pro-Expert, but my leg gave out. I'm going to plug in my extra bass pedal for that.

Anyone know if you can play the Pro-Guitar Charts without having a Pro-Guitar plugged in? I wanted to learn a few songs on my actual guitar and I would feel silly buying the Squire when I have a much nicer Strat already.
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