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Re: Title of new "Mission: Impossible" movie announced

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Part of the problem is people are starting to look down upon "numbered sequels" because so many of them have been crap, no matter the franchise.
Ahh, there's the recency illusion again, thinking people are just "starting" to hold an attitude that's been around for a long time. Mocking numbered sequels has been part of the culture for decades. For instance, the gag about Jaws 19 in Back to the Future Part II, a film that came out 21 years ago (1989). Also in '89 (or maybe '90) Alien Nation, a show set in the near future of 1997, had a character refer in turn to having seen Back to the Future Part VI and saying it wasn't very good. (Although, unlike most not-recent-at-all "recent" trends, this one doesn't stretch back too far, since numbered sequels didn't really catch on until the '70s.)
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