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Re: Is Netflix a Rip-off?

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The funny thing about Americans is they don't realize that things like netflick or amazon or whatever is the basis for their crumbling economy.
You are ordering something that you could simply go a kilometer down the street for and then return the next day.
And why, because Americans tend to be lazy.
It your own stupidity that is causing your dollar to drop in value.
Yeah, that's great if you're renting Shrek or Iron Man 2, but say you want to rent all the seasons of any given TV show or something like that? You can't do that at a rental store. Or what about Doctor Who? Those DVD's cost thirty dollars an episode here, and you can't rent them because nobody in America knows what Doctor Who is. Yet Netflix has them all. How about independent films or documentaries? Good luck "walking a kilometer down the street" and finding something like that. Anyway, I refuse to believe that Blockbuster was supporting the economy, anyway. Good riddance to them.
I agree.

And, I would argue Amazon and Netflix supported the economy. Just as much as going to the mom and pop store. The American economy became a consumer economy, so as long as we were spending....

The housing/speculation is what did us in. No one had money. No one had credit.

And anytime new technology is introduced, a down side is, people losing jobs.

I remember when robots were introduced into car manufacturing, everyone thought it was the end of the employee. And yeah, many were replaced, but it wasn't the end.

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Now that the online version has taken off (coupled with the anti-consumerism culture that's being promoted where people aren't supposed to own anything anymore) this point is moot, but I honestly expected Netflix to crash and burn at the start because it didn't fulfill the instant gratification requirement.


I think it was the late fees, or lack there of, that made netflix a great deal. Blockbuster could be such creeps about it.

AND, that netflix seemed to have a great variety.

AND, it saved a car trip.
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