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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Yes, so far it's a lot of fun. It's very much like Fable II, the feel, the story, the whole atmosphere, and the gameplay is quite similar as well.

I'm sure it'll make for a few days of good entertainment.
How was Fable II, by the way?

I only played the first Fable on the original Xbox - I thought Fable I was fun, but I never bothered with a second playthrough. It just didn't motivate me enough I guess.
Oh, I loved it! I never played the first, so the second was actually my first Fable experience, and it was loads of fun. I loved the story, a bit fairy-tale like, I loved the humour in it and the fact it didn't take itself too seriously. The gameplay was also fast and fun. Not as complivcated an RPG like, say Oblivion, but with its own great features.
Sounds very much like the first Fable. I enjoyed it, but it lacked the level of complexity and depth that is required in an RPG to keep me playing for more than one playthrough. Still, I think I'm going to give II and III a try, people seem to be enjoying them quite a bit.
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