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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

I liked it. Yes, that will do very nicely. Will be tuning in next week. Instead of Mad Men from the 60s, I'll take Georgian zombies from the 2010s for the win.

So, did the kiss between the partner and the wife just happen because of the stress of the situation and them thinking he was dead--or were they carrying on before? I'd like to think not. The partner could have lost his wife to the virus (they weren't getting along, obviously, if he was going batshit over lights) and he seems to care for his friend. But his lines at the beginning (they're repeating it again believe it or not) about it "just being a phase" could be manifesting guilt over sleeping with his friend's wife.

The broadcast quality was just fine here in Oklahoma City. I didn't know the actor who played the sheriff was English. He looks like Owen Wilson. What's his character's name? Will? How odd that I can't recall what it is. Did anyone ever actually say his first name?

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