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Re: funding for manned Mission to Mars [financial/political ONLY]

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If we wait for the world to be perfect, we'll never do anything.
A fraction of the money spent on a single shuttle launch could save the lives of dozens of children from death by starvation. But I bet if you explained the choice to them, they'd say that they're "nothing", and favor the shuttle launch.

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Stagnation will only make matters worse.
Saving the Amazon and all its biodiversity, diminishing human suffering, fostering the spread of liberty... what stagnant and pointless tasks we face here below the ionosphere!

We made it to the moon, and that was awesome, because nothing like it had ever been accomplished. But while the moon may be only a moon and Mars a planet, they're both chunks of rock with not much else, and the latter would be incredibly expensive, difficult and dangerous to reach.

No, we're better off sticking at home for the foreseeable future, imho. You want to face a challenge that requires huge resources, political clout, ingenuity, and promises a chance to inspire and lift up the human race? How about figuring out the peaceful bringing of democracy to the Middle East, Africa and China?
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