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Re: Is Netflix a Rip-off?

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I wouldn't call Netflix a ripoff by any means. However, like anything else, it's a question of your personal viewing habits and dollars and sense. If you rent and watch enough movies to make the price worth it it, it's great. But if you're one of those people who gets a movie and lets it lay around the house for a month you'd probably be better off not subscribing.
The late fees alone, on letting a video lay around the house for a month, would be a year's worth of Netflix service. The service pretty much pays for itself.
Good point. I was referring more to the idea of netflix vs an on demand service or just not renting stuff. Part of the problem with netflix for some people is that it doesn't take into account that sometimes people get busy with other shit and don't have time to watch a movie. Those people often wouldn't bother to rent a movie during that period. However, with netflix that sucker is there, it showed up in the mailbox, it isn't going anywhere and even if you send it back another one is showing up during the same busy time period.
Ah, well I am one to leave a movie lying around for 3 weeks before returning it, as I have so much Instant Watch stuff, but it's still great to watch "Up in the Air" (great movie) on DVD and then watch the entire "Family Guy" series on Instant Watch, and still pay the same fee every month.
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