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Re: My Janeway costume

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Here it is!

I know, I know I'm wearing the wrong shoes but this was still at the house.

There's tons more but they're with other people.
I already commented in Misc, but I've got to say it again - that's awesome!

There's no mistaking you for anyone but Janeway. The zombification must have taken ages - you did a fantastic job. The face, hands, uniform, everything - great work
Thanks! I was really hoping that no one would think I'm just some random dead red shirt. But actually it's insane just how many people recognized that it was Janeway. There was a really hot young girl (well maybe she's about my age but she looked a bit younger) she was the bartender and she immediately said "Is that supposed to be Zombie Janeway? THAT IS EPIC." I was like yesssss! Pretty much everyone got it right away. There were at least 20 people there who dressed up in TOS and TNG uniforms. I think I was the only Voy girl there! I actually overheard a bitter, wannabe Kirk ( sorry...) say, "She's from the newer Trek" aside from that everyone loved it. Stupid superiority complex in Trekkies though...urgh.

As for how long it took....the face/neck alone took about 3 hours. I had to apply about 3 layers of liquid latex. It was so thick I actually had to use a knife to cut/stretch it after it dried. The arms took about 45 minutes each and I only applied one layer of latex because I was getting tired

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I've only thought now to wrap my head around the Freudian aspects of this...

You say that you LOVE Janeway, but you ARE Janeway?

To be her is to love her or to love her is to be her?
LOL I can only imitate. I can't come even close to Her Highness

retrogradeloupgarou wrote: View Post
Breathtakingly perfect.

The Blur wrote: View Post

Awesome job! Lookin' scary firecrackerrrr!
Thank you
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