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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

JQ's crucible just won't quit. But I've stopped feeling sorry for the guy. His personal problems aside, he's a Starfleet officer and this is the kinda stuff they train you for and where you separate the strong from the weak and the capable from the ones who didn't quite measure up. All in all, John will get through this alright. Question is how he'll handle it all afterwards once he had time to think about it.

As for Adele, she's making a tough call and I'm looking forward to her having to justify it to the advisory board. I'm squarely in her corner this time. Starfleet has a tendency to exaggerate their general orders (death penalty for visiting Talos IV, anyone?) and sometimes you just gotta give the captain a bit of leeway to make a decision. On the other hand of course, putting a Borg ship with a potentially mega-destructive power source inside your own ship is a risky call.

Oh and about Maren. She might as well move into sickbay considering all the time she is spending there.
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