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Re: Angel ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

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The Good;
Personally I think it's worth it just to see 50s Spike and Dru in their chic Fellini phase.
Oh absolutely. I love that they went to so much trouble for just a three-second scene. But the result is just so hilarious, it's totally worth it.

"Ciao." "Ciao." "Ciao." "Ciao." "Ciao."

Spike tells Angel to 'Wank off!'
Seriously. I'm amazed that there was no-one English on the set to correct them, because that does SO not mean what they're trying to use it to mean. Despite excellent fake British accents by JM and AD, the dialogue always lets them down when it comes to genuine English slang and swearing. It's cringe-worthy every time.

Andrew appears to be going on a date with a pair of beautiful Italian girls, has he become a Casanova or.....?
....are they his 'fag hags' to quote Will and Grace?
I think the most likely explanation is simply that they're Potentials and he's their chaperone.

And "fag hag" is a term WAAAY older than W&G. They old sold it to the middle-America hausfraus.

The male demon admits he's in love with the Immortal.
Only in the same way that Doyle admitted he was a little in love with Angel after watching him swoop away dramatically one time.

I think a lot of people dislike this ep as we see our cool heroes humiliated by the much cooler Immortal but I think it's great.
I think they humiliate themselves. All the scrapes they get into are their own doing because of their silly competitiveness over Buffy.

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Stacey Travis who plays the Senator was in a great old low budget Brit sci-fi movie called Hardware along with a pre-Hamburger Hill/The Practice Dylan McDermmott. Did Marcus Hainsley install her in that body?
I believe that's the implication, yes. One of those, if they catch they catch it, if they don't they don't things.
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