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Of all the pictures posted of you yet this is my new favorite. Plus your a freaking minor celebrity in your own right. Those X-Files 2 pics were great!!!
I can't possibly be the only one who noticed the 'Enterprise' sign in the background.
Why in god's name are you looking in the background?!
Hahhaa Actually he's right. This is the town of Vulcan in Alberta though. The entire town is a big shrine for Star Trek. Every business is named after something in Star Trek basically. Although I will say that whoever intends to go there: DO NOT - I REPEAT - DO NOT GO TO THAT ENTERPRISE RESTAURANT!!!!! We were the only ones there, it took 25 (!!!!!) minutes to get my burger, fries and strawberry sundae ready and when the teenager (who couldn't have been older than 13) was preparing the sundae some whipped cream got on his fingers and he started licking his fingers/hand WHILE HOLDING MY SUNDAE. Then he used said fingers to wipe the cream off of the cup. I basically said no thanks and walked out :/ sorry things like that just gross me out. I get that this is a small town in the middle of nowhere but ickkk. I didn't ask for a side of germs.
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