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Re: Title of new "Mission: Impossible" movie announced

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They're Paramount, so they can take on Megatron, or the Ark of the Covenant, or Axel Foley, or the Enterprise in the fifth movie.
"Good morning, Mr. Hunt. The person you see here is Megatron, ruthless leader of the cybernetic terrorist organization known as the Decepticons. Megatron is being challenged for control of the organization by his lieutenant, Starscream, a highly dangerous and erratic individual. If Starscream should gain control, the Secretary feels the Decepticons will become far more unstable and unpredictable. Starscream has blackmailed this man, Axel Foley, a 26-year veteran of the Beverly Hills police, into helping him steal the powerful Ark of the Covenant from a secret government warehouse so he can use it to overthrow Megatron. Foley will deliver the Ark to Starscream right under Megatron's nose during a gambling cruise aboard this vessel, the USS Enterprise. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to recover the Ark, destroy the blackmail material on Foley, and expose Starscream's plans to Megatron, without letting the crew of the Enterprise become aware of the Ark's existence. As always, should you or any of your IM force be caught or disintegrated, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of this mashup. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Ji -- uh, Ethan.

"Oh, and if you can get Maggie Q in that red dress again, there's a commendation in it for you."
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