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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

Lots of tedious work going on for the last several days.

The structural supports for the Dorsal section are in progress. Behind that, you can see the modified inner and outer
dorsal skins with newly cut windows. With the amount of odd geometry involved, these were cut in using the slice tool
rather than booleaning them out. I did a rough pass at using boolean operations on this; but, Wow....

Here's another shot showing the work to seam the dorsal structure up to the structural supports for the lower hull.
This did involve Booleans. Sucked; but, it worked out ok with two days worth of work on both structures at this point.

Ok, one final word today is a little special. I'm going to name drop a bit here in a good
way. Some know that there has been an ongoing debate on other sites and via email as to whether this beasty should have a warp core. I started building mine based on evidences of
it in the FJ plans and based on arguments from the Geek squad that it should be there. Thanks
guys. That didn't settle it for more than a few. I won't knock them as their arguments were
good and a couple argued to play devil's advocate for me. Ultimately, I decided to try and
settle the matter by getting an official word on it. Sooo... hail Mary through another individual who loves bananas, and there was an official response.

“Warp core is horizontal under the floor of engineering. Exits out the back.”

..words as good as gold. I've thanked the man privately and will now thank him for the
record publicly for chiming in when he probably had better things to do than settle this little
dispute lol. As it happens, this fellow took up the Matt Jeffries plans and got the official
okie dokey from the Star Trek Art dept on the matter. Definitive.. I think so. So, Thanks
go out to Doug Drexler for the assist. Very much appreciated sir.

The one caveat is that we're talking, still, two different sets of plans with main engineering
located in entirely different places. So, some investigative work is in order and I may have
to alter the main engineering floor again to do what I'm intending. We'll see.

NOTE: No, I do not have direct access to Mr. Drexler.

So, Once again, Thanks a mill Drex. And I'm off to bed and back to work.
More to come
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