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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2010!

Well, I saw House Of The Wolf Man today. It was a lot more amateurish than I expected, and most of the acting was pretty bad and it generally didn't measure up to the standards of the Universals. I still got a kick out of it, though. I'd like to see more movies made like this. The biggest problem with the acting was Dr Reinhardt; everybody else was fairly passable. And a rewrite would have helped the script; the opening sequence in particular was too flat and linear.

I also saw a direct-to-DVD movie called Dark House, starring Jeff Combs. Jeff Combs is always a hoot. And this movie was not bad at all. A nice straightforward horror movie mixing classic and modern elements. Nothing superlative, but no complaints either. Some scenes did border on parody a bit.

Aside from that I'm partway through Halloween Tree by Bradbury and the Four-Color Fear anthology.
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