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Re: The Christmas Countdown Thread!

I have been looking for something to buy for my youngest son. He likes rhinos so I thought that he might like this

or I could get him one with the same picture but with the word "What Did You Say?". Which do you think is the best wording?

I have bought my mother a big Christmas word search book. I have bought one friend a DVD of Eyeborgs starring Adrian Paul. It is probably a crappy movie but she asked for it as she is keen on Adrian Paul. For my middle son I have bought this

It 200 pages of war comics.

As well as a novel about WW2. The novel is aimed at young teenagers but it looks the right level of reading for my son who is intellectually disabled. He is crazy over anything to do with WW2 but it is difficult to find books that are at his reading novel but not to childish for him.

I still have to buy something for one other friend, for my brother and my two sisters and a couple of other things for my sons.
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