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Re: when will we have a bluray?

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The fact that they have included the original versions of the episodes on blu-ray proves they didn't have to update them.
It proves exactly that - all you have to do is watch them to see.
I was under the impression we're still seeing the digitally re-mastered episodes, just presented without the updated effects. Which is why seamless braching is included for both the original and new effects.

They would still have to go and scan all the original film elements (for TNG, DS9 and VOY) and clean them up to release them as high-definition material (which is still very labor intensive).

EDIT: They can't just slap the current home video version of Encounter at Farpoint onto a Blu-Ray and call it 'High-Definition'. I've watched the episode on my 40" 1080p TV with a PS3 as the player and it still looks like shit. And the PS3 is still one of the better 'upscaling' players around.
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