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Re: when will we have a bluray?

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Full crystal clear HD picture is no always necessary to enjoy a show.
There was some discussion in this thread:
HIDEF..too good?
about the fidelity and sharpness taking away from the storytelling.
The arguments put forth in that thread are good ones for TV shows, but movie film is basically infinite definition. If a problem can be seen in a HD movie on your HD TV, then it was also visible at the movie theater. So, yes, things that are hidden by the low definition of non HD TV would become visible in HD. The trick would be to use computer to animate the back ground, or remove clumsy sets and replace them. That's a lot of work. So as I said earlier, it would be too expensive to upgrade TNG/DS9/VOY to HD right now, it wont be done until the price comes down.
Not sure the price of labor it costs to re-edit these shows is ever going to go down.
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