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Re: Title of new "Mission: Impossible" movie announced

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None of them were good. Or, rather, they were fun -- but none of them were "Mission: Impossible" in anything but name.
Quite true. They were Brian DePalma Spy Movie, John Woo Spy Movie, and J. J. Abrams Spy Movie -- though the third film did have some pretty good homages to M:I, since that's part of Abrams's style.

And Cruise even had that line in the first film "they saw us coming".... No one EVER saw the IMF coming.
Which I sometimes regret. In watching the show, I've often thought it would've been cool if there had been a recurring anti-IMF team, a group of enemy agents who did the same sort of thing the IMF did and was occasionally pitted against them. It would've been nice to see episodes where the team's job was to expose and thwart someone else's scam rather than perpetrate their own, just to mix it up some.

And there were one or two episodes where someone caught onto the IMF after the fact. "The Ransom" in the first season has Dan Briggs approached by a mobster who somehow knows who he is and what he does (perhaps due to some prior interaction, though it's clear they've never directly met before), and who's kidnapped a friend's daughter in order to force Briggs and his team to do his dirty work. And there's a final-season episode where a character the team brought down in an earlier episode returns and kidnaps Jim Phelps to get revenge on him or something.

And they're also scientifically ludicrous. MI used to stretch what was scientifically feasible at the time, but they wouldn't actually do anything like "we can stop his heart with a shock, thus stopping the heart-beat–sensitive explosive, and then start his heart again with the same electrical shock" stuff that is totally medically bogus.
Ohh, they did sillier things than that on occasion. "Zubrovnik's Ghost" in the first season looked like it was going to be about the team exposing a fraudulent medium, but it turned out the ghost was real and it drove the bad guys to their deaths. And they sometimes used robots and computers that were far too advanced for the time, or even for our time.
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