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Re: Title of new "Mission: Impossible" movie announced

None of them were good. Or, rather, they were fun -- but none of them were "Mission: Impossible" in anything but name.

I mean, to start off the first movie by turning Jim Phelps into a TRAITOR? Come on.

And Cruise even had that line in the first film "they saw us coming".... No one EVER saw the IMF coming.

The series is a hyped up steroidal spy flick in the Bourne mode, but it's not *my* "Mission: Impossible." And they're also scientifically ludicrous. MI used to stretch what was scientifically feasible at the time, but they wouldn't actually do anything like "we can stop his heart with a shock, thus stopping the heart-beat–sensitive explosive, and then start his heart again with the same electrical shock" stuff that is totally medically bogus.
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