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Re: The Christmas Countdown Thread!

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Sure, but you'll find that if you wait until Christmas Eve, the stress disappears almost completely due to accepting the merry inevitability of not finding anything, and simply having a drink or two instead.

More cost-effective and certainly easier!
For a few years I had an after-school job at a catalogue store called Consumers Distributing (any Canadians remember that nightmare?), which is a lot like British Argos shops. Most customers were so bloody rude for the whole month of December that I used to volunteer to work all of December 24th just so that I could look panicky last-minute buyers in the eye and sneer, "I'm sorry, that's out of stock". My all-time favourite was a woman who ran in 5 minutes before closing time trying to buy a jewellery box. We hadn't had any in for weeks and I told her so, to which she replied, "So what am I supposed to buy my mother for Christmas!?". The memory makes me laugh over 20 years later, but there is a lesson to be learned.
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