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Re: Title of new "Mission: Impossible" movie announced

I assume it's Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol. There's no law that says a title has to be limited to one colon. (Indeed, several of my Trek novel titles have more than one, like Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Buried Age: A Tale of The Lost Era.)

And who cares what people say when they ask for a ticket? Since when was that the only determining factor in choosing a title? Titling a story is an act of creativity. It's about choosing a word or phrase that's evocative of the substance, feel, or themes of the work. A story's title is its title regardless of whether people actually speak it aloud in the same form. For instance, we refer to Jonathan Swift's most famous work as Gulliver's Travels even though its full title is Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World, by Lemuel Gulliver, first a Surgeon and then a Captain of several Ships. (The conceit was that it was a nonfiction traveller's tale written by Captain Gulliver. Swift's authorship was supposed to be kept secret, though it came out shortly before publication. So it's not actually Gulliver's Travels so much as "Gulliver's Travels," akin to "Ovid's Metamorphoses" or "Plato's Republic.")
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