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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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I hope she will tell the truth, then--that way her conscience will be clear: that Ullmann went in filled with prejudice, and then Karama DID act badly, but was disciplined for it and afterwards felt truly awful about it.
She will. She's a Starfleet officer, she doesn't lie in her reports. And she doesn't see any reason to lie or to hide something.
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Did she tell about the atrocities the Cardassians committed against the Skarrats?
Yes. That task was part of her official duties and she had filed a report about it.

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How cute! If I were Kapoor, I'd be SO interested to see how similar the designs happened to be to human ones. Cardassian (Hebitian?) aviation history would be very interesting!
I don't know how much details information she could get on as old designs as Hebitian (she could try to reverse engineer technical details to which she has access), but one of her dreams is to build the ancient Bajoran ship - the same in which Siskos flew from Bajor to Cardassia. But she doesn't have access to enough info, she just knows what it looks like.
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